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The history of the "Mobili Frisina S.r.l." began in the early 50s, by the spouses, Maria and Giacomo Frisina. The cabinetmaker James Frisina created a workshop for the production of furniture and window frames.

Assisted by his wife and thanks to the success of his work of a craftsman, in the following years, there were the conditions for business growth, with the birth of the first point of sale.




The experience gained in the production and sale of furniture guaranteed the small family business, happy choices marketing allowed a steady growth so resulting in them opening a new showroom in January 1991to show the furniture they had produced.



2000 is for the "Mobili Frisina Srl", the year of change to enhance the activity make new investments leading to the creation of new jobs.

The objective was to find the right combination of cabinet making's laboratory and industry.

This has been achieved with the construction of a new factory for the production of furniture equipped with modern machinery.


The "Mobili Frisina srl" is specialized in the production of furniture for the home, hotels and ships. The production of bespoke furniture and the quality of the materials used are the strengths of our company.

The company is always up to date with new technologies and uses modern machines, technical innovation and a wide choice of materials and finishes so we can do any type of work and satisfy any customer requirement.

Furthermore, we are supported by different architects who can design furniture always finding the best value for money.

MOBILI FRISINA S.R.L. Sede legale: Via Pietro Nenni n. 3
Stabilimento: S.S. 186 Km 25+300 90042 BORGETTO/PA Part. IVA n. 00767550825 C.C.I.A.A.: Nr. 90062

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