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Naval furniture


Arredi Frisina - Arredamento navale sicilia

Naval furniture



The company works with together a team from the Naval manufacturers combining their expertise and professional experience to search for new solutions, materials and technologies to produce high quality products, designs and solutions for every type of request.

Based on thorough analysis and detailed research, the company covers all aspects of the design: from the architecture of the spaces, the design of ship fittings and the choice of fabrics and accessories. Our desire is to fulfill projects destined to arouse unique and unmistakable emotions.

MOBILI FRISINA S.R.L. Sede legale: Via Pietro Nenni n. 3
Stabilimento: S.S. 186 Km 25+300 90042 BORGETTO/PA Part. IVA n. 00767550825 C.C.I.A.A.: Nr. 90062

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